Update on 2021plans

NewsPosted on 28th September 2020

2021 Plans

We hope to be able to deliver a full and varied event plan similar to what was planned for 2020, however very little is confirmed at this time. Forestry England are not taking event bookings for any event over 30 people even for 2021, so until that changes, then Gisburn & Grizedale are TBC. Its a similar situation for Forestry and Land Scotland for Kirroughtree & Lancashire CC for Lee Quarry, so they are also TBC. LLangollen council (Denbighshire) have actively blocked events there this year, but August 2021 is a long way off and that can change, however the BNES status of Llangollen round is confirmed.

Currently all that is really confirmed for 2021 is Graythwaite in May.

My gut feeling is that its likely going to be February or March before serious planning for 2021 events can take place. That’s just the reality of the situation. With voucher holders eager for Gisburn tickets if we are rushing to confirm events in March with Gisburn scheduled for April I understand this is not ideal but we will all have to accept that this is a likely timescale.

Entries wise, those with entries for 2021 events at Graythwaite, Llangollen and Kirroughtree please just hang on until Spring and we’ll try and confirm plans based on the situation at that time. I doubt I’ll not be taking “new” entries until spring 2021.

It is our aim to deliver that full and varied event plan if at all possible, or at least as much as we are able to. We have proved we can run a covid secure enduro so that will hopefully stand us in good stead for 2021.

2021 Plans –   (updated 28/9/20)

17/18th April – R1 Gisburn – TBC
29/30th May – Graythwaite 
19/20th June – Lee Quarry – TBC
4/15th August -Llangollen  *BNES Round*
4/5th September – Kirroughtree – TBC
2/3 October – Grizedale – TBC