About PMBA Enduro Series

Our aim is “Enduro for all” a mix of events and venues with an emphasis on fun. From first timers to experienced enduroists we have an event for you, from grassroots event to national series rounds. Adult racing for 11 years old onwards, a series for novice women, multi stage enduro’s for ages 8+, free U10’s single stage events and even E-Bike classes. For the last decade more people have raced with PMBA Enduro than any other series; make 2023 the year you join in the fun.


For the history of the PMBA Enduro Series you have to go back to the “Escape to Gisburn” Enduro in September 2013. The Gisburn Forest Trailbuilders decided they wanted to bring racing back to the forest. There is a good deal of XC and DH history from Gisburn Forest dating back to NAMBS (Northern Area Mountain Bike Series) in the 1990’s; and one of the trail building team, Kev, was also involved with NAMBS so was appointed/convinced to put on an enduro event to highlight Gisburn Forest to the wider MTB community.

As event organising is lots of work Kev approached Mike Marsden of Borderline Events to partner with the event. Mike and his Borderline team had significant and current experience of MTB DH events; even winning the tender for the 2010 & 2013 National DH Champs and various regional DH Champs in 2011/12/13, the vision of the trail builders and the experience of the Borderline team proved to be an awesome partnership and from that hugely successful event in 2013 the PMBA Enduro series was brought into life for 2014.

The Gisburn Trail Builders are part of the wider PMBA Volunteer group, so when it came to organising a series of 5 events in 2014 then Kev swapped his Gisburn hat for a PMBA one. PMBA’s network of landowner connection were used to bring to life another event idea that had been put forward to PMBA by Benji Haworth – a loop linking Lee Quarry and Havok Bike park. With Gisburn having 2 rounds, and Lee Quarry and Havok being the final round that meant 3 rounds at PMBA assisted venues, and the birth of the PMBA Enduro Series. The 2 extra rounds were hunted out and secured by the Borderline half of the team at Grizedale and Kirroughtree.


Airbourne Dan Hole

JWDT Photography

Mike and his Borderline team also took what we had done with the PMBA series and formed the sister series “Welsh Enduro Series” to bring grassroots enduro to North Wales.

Empire cycles were the first title sponsor in 2014 but in 2016 the title sponsorship was taken by Hope Technology who had supported the series from the start and stepped up to give even more support and help the events improve further.

The series has progressed every year, 2015 saw the series expand to 6 rounds, and 2016 saw 7 rounds in the series as well as starting the year with a Day/Night Enduro at Grizedale and ending the year with one at Gisburn Forest.

2017 was a great year for PMBA Enduro, hosting 2 huge non-series inaugural events; the BEMBA British Enduro National Champs and the Hopetech women only Enduro were both run by the PMBA Enduro team and for the 3rd year running more people raced enduro within our events than with any other series. We are proud to have so many people enjoy what we do, and hope we can continue doing so. We are always happy to accept feedback, we organise these events for you so tell us what you like and what you don’t so we can keep delivering the events you want 🙂

2018 saw big changes at PMBA Enduro’s with Mike/Borderline stepping back and the series being run entirely by Kev (me).  I would like to think that at good job is done and it would seem you all are entering in every increasing numbers. Every round was at capacity in 2019 for the first time ever. Popularity has resulted in a rush to enter the second entries open,  here’s to 2020!

Well 2020 didn’t work out quite as planned, with many covid cancellations. However PMBA Enduro did run the biggest MTB event of 2020, with 500 racers at Graythwaite.  2021 was another low-event year, but we got 3 awesome rounds in.

2022 and the lack of grassroots event meant we put a special effort into grassroots events, running an event for women ages 8+, and 8-16 novice men alongside the regular series. So much success and we are expanding that for 2023.

PMBA Enduro in 2023

Again Hope Technology will be the title sponsor of the various series’, and we have 6 events to offer you. There are some key people that make up the wider PMBA Enduro team, some you will know and some you won’t.

  • Karen Long, Stuart Taylor & Mike Sutton – Chief marshals
  • Paul Wilson – Timing setup, stage manager.
  • Vincent Leonard and Nige Pilling – Graythwaite trail building
  • Leo and the Galloway Hillbillies – Kirroughtree event planning & trail building
  • Callum & Ae Bikeshop – Ae event planning and trail prep
  • Dan Postlethwaite – Website and graphics.
  • Tim Royle – WhiteNoSugar – videographer.
  • Jerry Tatton  – All round legend & Race report writer & photography.