About the PMBA

Volunteers working for Mountain Bikers in Lancashire and the Pennines.

We are a grouping of riders, clubs and volunteer trail building teams from across Lancashire and the North Pennines. We are all volunteers and the thing that brings us together is the belief that putting some effort into digging and diplomacy can make the future of mountain biking even better. We include the groups who have been supporting the development of trails at Gisburn, Rossendale (Lee and Cragg Quarries) and the West Pennine Moors (Healy Nab et al). We want to continue to improve these centres whilst supporting the development of new sites across the area. We also want to secure greater access to cross country routes and be a strong voice for riders at local and regional level. We work very closely with SingletrAction, who have shown what can be achieved by a strong and proactive group in Yorkshire, and we are affiliated to CTC and British Cycling.

PMBA Lee Quarry

So our aims are to:

  • Open new routes.
  • Improve existing routes.
  • Solve local access problems.
  • Be a voice for mountain bikers.
  • Provide information to riders.
  • Support events.
  • Push for improved facilities at trail centres.
  • Support and train volunteer trail builders.

We need riders to join and support the work we do. Individual membership is only £5 for a year and goes to support the modest costs of running PMBA.

Why join the PMBA?

  • Get that warm feeling of having helped support the development and maintenance of trails in Lancashire and North Pennine.
  • Support our efforts to secure access.
  • Be covered by our insurance whilst taking part in digs.
  • Have your voice heard.
  • Help to give P.M.B.A. genuine credibility when working on behalf of local riders.

And if that’s not enough over the coming year we will put together a package of benefits to include:

  • Discounts with selected sponsors.
  • Support our efforts to secure access.
  • Access to members only events including sessions testing new kit with some of the UK’s top riders.
  • Access to members only forums and trail information.
  • Discounts for entry to P.M.B.A. supported events.
  • Access to P.M.B.A. equipment raffles.