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On a fishing trip in Alaska, our inventor experienced intense chafing that left him wondering why men’s underwear wasn’t designed for how men are actually built.

When he returned, he couldn’t shake the notion that a better design was possible. He teamed up with a designer and started brainstorming and working on prototypes. On the fourteenth attempt they combined four key innovations resulting in a new level of comfort and performance.

Key Innovations

1. Patented Internal Mesh Panels – The revolutionary innovation of SAXX are the patented mesh panels in every pair. This comfort pouch keeps everything in place, preventing unwanted friction and movement to reduce chafe and allow contact free support.
2. Articulated Front Pouch – Every pair of SAXX is equipped with an ergonomic design to give you the right amount of room and support. This pouch is engineered with no stitching and no inner seam bulk for added comfort.
3. Moisture Wicking Waistband – The entire SAXX collection features a moisture wicking waistband that stays dry and keeps performing when the temperature rises.
4. Finest Fabrics – SAXX uses a wide range of cutting edge, technical fabrics each with a specific feature to enhance the wearing experience. Every garment is tested and perfected to reach maximum comfort and performance. Through the precise combination of Spandex blended with polyester, Modal®, viscose, nylon or cotton, every garment is defined to your needs. At SAXX we look at ways to innovate and recreate the functionality of your most important base layer.

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