Llangollen BNES 2022 – Rider Briefing

NewsPosted on 15th July 2022

HEATWAVE - Extra rules

My mate Ra has blessed us with a heatwave for the event. However this does mean we need to tighten up on fire safety and water rules at the event. We take safety very seriously as you all know so please understand these extra rules.
With the heatwave the ground is very dry. Our usual rules are “BBQ’s & small fires off the ground”  we have to tighten up on this for fire safety in these tinder box conditions.
BBQ’s only – no fires at all.  BBQ’s must be at least 50cm/foot and a half off the ground.
Situation will be constantly monitored and we may even have to stop any BBQ’s at all.
No petrol generators on the campsite was already a rule – but worth an extra mention.
Campsite Water
The farm is on spring water, now tested and passed unlike May’s event. However with the drought we are not sure what heavy use could do to the supply. Please help us conserve water – fill your motorhomes before you leave please, and don’t leave taps running in the field. Its never run out before but this drought is the driest its been for such a large event here.
Showers and bike wash are on a separate (non drinking) supply, last year we did run this dry with the showers, as ran the tank dry. The inlet into this supply of stream water has been enlarged, so hopefully will fill up faster. But please, try and preserve water so the showers can keep working Sunday as well as Saturday
Water during the event
While it is very tempting to not carry anything at this venue, as you come back to HQ after every run in this heatwave that is not safe.  You MUST CARRY WATER on every run up the hill. We cannot supply 500 riders with bottled water up the hill, the plastic waste would be immense for a start. 
I don’t normally insist on anything being carried but with a heatwave and a BIG climb for your own safety and so our medics can be available on stages we cannot have racers with heat stroke in the stage Qs.
This will be policed, if you cant show water to marshal at the bottom of the hill you will be sent back to get it before your next stage.  So fit a bottle cage, or have a pack, whatever works, but please carry water.
Is a DQ – that simple.
You litter, you get disqualified. So no carrying a plastic bottle of water up the hill and throwing it away, what you take up the hill, you bring down. Same for gel wrappers – its litter, its a DQ.

Rider Instructions, Rules and Safety Briefing

Here is the rider and spectator information, we are aware there is a lot of information but please do not use this as an excuse for not reading it thoroughly, and knowing what you need to do and what rules to follow. More information will be added as we approach the event.

Racing mountain bikes is a dangerous sport. You should ensure you’re familiar with the warning signs and tracks should not be hit at race speed until you are comfortable with your ability on each stage.

As always we rely on volunteer marshals to make these events a success, if you know somebody who would be interested please ask them to fill in the form on this page,  if anyone has friends or family with them who can marshal please get them to sign up.  Handy way to spectate with no spectators allowed.

Round Sponsor is One Giant Leap Llangollon

one giant leap logo

Parking, camping and race arena

We have camping, sign on, parking and toilets all in the sheep farm where OGL is located.

Dogs are welcome – but please pick up after them, and be aware we are on a sheep farm with sheep in neighbouring fields.
Spectating is restricted to the lowest area of stage 5, you will not be allowed onto the bulk of the hillside for spectating.

You must camp with 2M gaps between camp’s for fire safety, and you must not have more than 2x11kg gas canisters in any campervan. Please locate, and take note of your nearest fire point, and if you do not know how to use a fire extinguisher please Watch this video before arriving

Tan Y Graig, Llangollen LL20 8AR
Google maps – dropped pin


With the steep and fast terrain at OGL you would be daft not to wear knee pads, and carry some water.  Every single stage comes back near the race arena so this is a round you can considering doing without a loaded backpack. While a full face is not a requirement for the event if you have one this is the place to wear it.

There is no seeding, you self seed by select your time slot at sign on, we ask for faster riders to go later, and leave the early slots for the slower people.  However “ride with your mates” just don’t get an early slot and then try asking for a big gap on the stage as you have chosen to lap with the slower riders early groups – take a late slot if your hunting a podium.  We set riders off with around around 20 second gaps from the arena, chaperone’s will start with the U16s in their care. At the stages,  if you’re riding with mates and line up fastest first and can take a smaller gap this massively helps with the event flow and allows us to give slower riders a bigger gap behind them.

If anyone feels for any reason that they do not want to attend you can still sell on your entry .  Normal T&C’s are listed in the FAQ including how to sell on an entry up until the Wednesday before the event. Cancellation is no longer possible as we are within 31 days of the event

Women’s only group

Ladies you can still “ride with your mates” as normal, however the first group out on the course will be a women’s only wave. If you like the idea of only having women around you at the stage start, then this could be for you. It is not expected that you will complete the lap in a single group; that is unlikely however we are again offering this women’s only wave as it was well received last year.

*** Remember your number board if you have already raced a PMBA Enduro in 2022. ***

Entry’s, Results & Series standings
Entry list is HERE

The results link  will be HERE  bear in mind there will be LIVE TIMING on the day, so you will be to check this link to see the times after each stage. The upload box will be on the main finish field exit / route to the next stage. If you visit the campsite and dont go out the correct exit you will not get an update. You can bob through the upload area from the road if you want, and get an upload.  Results will update online within 10 mins, so by the time you are at the next stage you will be able to check the previous stage times.

What to expect?
Fast, rough and steep DH tracks with some “enduro” link sections. Tightly packed onto 1 hillside with 1 way up to all stages.

5 Stages  

Stage 1 – Gentle Giant
The main line with a little tweaking, the easiest stage of the day.

Stage 2 – Einherjar
Starting a little further down the hill this is the stage Kev built last year, improved again for 2022.

Stage 3 – Ride the Lightning
The lowest elevation start of the day, but that just means you are eased into the stage, its just straight into the guts of the hillside.

Stage 4 – Gully line
While based around the upper part of “Ride Portugal” the roughest DH track on the hillside the gully end is full enduro and is also “the stage with the climb” contrasting the first half of the stage with the rest its really a stage of 2 halves.

Stage 5 – Esquilo
Using parts of Son of Squirrel and Ride Portugal this was stage 1 in 2019 and its steepness surprised many, improvements for 2021 were well received and will be used again.

Total lap stats
12 miles
3800ft elevation

Llangollen Endro

Layout of stages for PMBA Enduro Series Llangollen.

Tyre Choice

We of course suggest the awesome Vittoria tyres, with superb 2-ply enduro sidewalls as well as grippy rubber compounds in a 4C construction, with graphene 2.0.

With having booked dry weather we advise a MARTELLO rear, and up front the new MAZZA. Ask at your local bike shop for these tyres.





Race Arena and Technical support.

Beartrax – Llangollen’s local bike shop will be onsite for tech support and spares
Vittoria – Showing the excellent tyre selection
Loaded bikes – for all your bike storage and transportation needs
Podium catering – for the hungry
Bar and Bean coffee and drinks – for the thirsty
Sign on and timing.
Portable toilets and showers.


JWDT will be there snapping away for the Official race report and free photo album, but they also very much appreciate the support from Roots and rain purchases. It’s what makes it possible for that team to show up and snap away!! They’ll be doing pics from £5.75 and full album sets of individual riders for £14 (best value by a mile) sets can be anything from 5 photos to 20+ photos, please try and support our little collective working to give you a great range of shots. Please do remember that these are for personal use, if your sponsors want to use them for commercial use (social post sharing is fine with photographer credit) then please get them to contact us.
Jerry Tatton  JWDT Photography

Other Photographers

Please email me if you want a photographer band, without a pass there will be no stage access. We are on private land, and there is no spectating catered for the bulk of the stages. You will need a risk assessment and PLI.

If you want to attend send PLI, RA,  to pmbaenduroseries@gmail.com.
For completeness, be aware that our official photography and video team of
DialledIn UK – Race Photography and HDDNMedia will have full course access on both days.


We will be having podiums at Llangollen – top 5 for every category. A reminder that the only chance to claim your prize is at the prize presentation, we do not post prizes.

Check out last years event video

Weekend Timetable

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Setup days – no part of stages/race arena are open to the public, our course marking team are on the stages so for their safety please keep away.


Midday : Race arena opens, free camping available. Portable loos & showers on site. Course walks possible.


Marshal Brief 08:30

Sign on will be open from 09:15 – ** Select your Sunday start wave**
Catering open from the morning – time TBA
Practice starts 09.30 from arena – Stages open 10am.
Practice finishes 17.30 – stages closed after this time.


08:00 marshal brief

08:20 Timing chip collection opens for women.

08:30 First riders depart (Womens only group)

08:30 Timing chip collection opens for men.

08:45 First mixed group departs

09:00 Stage one opens

12:00 All racers have departed

12:30 first racers back

17:30 last racers back


Sponsors are:  Hope Technology,  Orange Mountain BikesVittoria TyresSixth Element, Box Components,  KS Dropper Seatposts, Sweet ProtectionKirkby Lonsdale Brewery, Mudhugger, Saxx UnderwearOff Grid and Working Hard & Ride Slovenia.

The Venue:
Tan Y Graig, Llangollen LL20 8AR

Postcode: LL20 8AR

Organisation:  SMK for PMBA Enduro

Race Director: Kev Duckworth email: pmbaenduroseries@gmail.com mobile: 07979 911337
Chief Marshal: Karen Long
Medics : Remote Medical Services – http://www.remotemedicalservices.co.uk/

RMS will be providing cover over the event. Full Medical Cover will be provided. Multiple 4 Wheel Drive Vehicles will be on hand if needed.
A full medical plan to ensure we are not reliant on NHS services has been produced under CV19 guidelines.

Nearest A&E

Wrexham Maelor Hospital

Croesnewydd Rd, Wrexham LL13 7TD
A&E open 24 hours
01978 291100

As per all PMBA Enduro events, we will be using the awesome SI Air+ contactless timing system, the preferred system of the Enduro World Series.

Information and Instructions

It’s important you have a read of all the info here – It will answer almost any question you could possibly have, there is a lot here but please take the time to look through it…..

Fires – on ground Fires are not permitted – you will be ejected from the site.

If you lose or damage your transponder you have to pay for it – The cost is £50.00

Parking is FREE for the whole long weekend, Friday-Monday.

Camping for Caravans, Campervans & Tents – FREE for the whole long weekend, Friday-Monday.

Follow the instructions given by the parking marshals during the weekend

Race lap: The exact start times will be confirmed/selected on the weekend. Competitors will set off individually – choose your start time at sign on

You MUST report to the set off point close to sign-on at your designated time to get your transponder switched on otherwise you will get no times for the stages, you will also receive a briefing before your race lap. Feel free to ask questions.

Red Flags / Yellow flags & Whistles: During practice Red and Yellow flags will be in use – The yellow flag means slow right down, There may be a rider on course or perhaps on the floor but out of the way. Red Flag means STOP This means what it says – There will be an incident ahead and someone’s safety is at risk if you continue. If this happens during your race run you should make your way back to the start of the stage and go again – When you arrive back at the finish you will notify the chief timer that you had a re-run and they will calculate your time. **Be aware if the marshal chooses to wear a face covering there will not be a whistle**

Racing: Only red flags will be used in racing – If you are red flagged during racing, you should wait until you are given permission to continue by the Marshal, and then continue safely to the bottom and speak with the marshal who will let you know what you need to do.

Rider Etiquette: During practice and race you may come up on or be caught by another rider: Every rider must act in a polite safe manner at all times and permit any faster rider to overtake without obstructing – please try to give maximum space to overtakers.

Track walk: It’s advised that you walk/inspect the trickier parts of the stages before riding – There are many features and varied terrain sections. Watch out for our 2/3 arrow caution/extreme caution signs to warn you of even trickier bits. If you see a Extreme caution sign there will be an easier rollable line which could be a separate taped line or within the main tapes.

Extreme Caution



Rules for Under 16 Riders
As organisers we have a duty of care to look after all our racers. Any racer that is under 16 years of age on the first day of the event must ride/race accompanied by an adult (Min age 18) support racer/rider/chaperone. If the support rider does not wish to obtain an entry and race we will issue a wristband with ‘support rider’ and for this there is no charge – In this instance there will be no timings given and no transponder issued. The support rider/racer must accompany the youth rider for the duration of the event.

All PMBA Enduro events are available for ages 11+, however we strongly advise that parents entering children under 16 contact us beforehand, so we can advise you of what the event might entail and give you the information you need to make an informed judgement on the suitability of the event for your child.

Men : U15, U18, U21, Senior, Master/30+, Vet/40+, Grand Vet/50+
Women : U16, U21, Senior/Open , Master/35+
Unisex : Hardtail (additional category)

Ages are taken as age on 31st December 2022.

Go Pro’s / Action Cameras –  Please be aware it will be the start marshals call, if they are not sure you will be asked to remove it. If you are, please do not argue, they are doing their job; as always abuse of our marshals will not be tolerated. Stick on mounts may be fitted to your helmet, but not used, however we do advise against using stick on mounts to your helmet at all.

Please remember these are for your safety. Start marshal discretion is final on these rules, if they don’t like a “legal” mount for any reason please respect their judgement. These are in line with current UCI recommendations.

Bike Mounts – below cockpit level
On top of Peak 
Manufacturer fitted helmet mount

Body Mounts
Stick on mounts on the main helmet structure (peak only)
Modified factory mounts
Complex mounts including gimbles, extensions, and rotating mounts

Transitions: It’s compulsory to follow the marked transitions on your race lap, please obey marshals instructions.

Whistles: Every time a rider passes a Marshal they will blow his/her whistle. This lets people around know that there is a rider about and it also lets you know that in the instance of hearing a second whistle as you pass then there is someone right behind you.  **Be aware if the marshal chooses to wear a face covering there will not be a whistle**

If you see an injured rider: Please acknowledge you have seen them and continue to the next marshal to report the incident. If your race run is affected you are authorised to have a re-run

Spectators : Spectators are not banned, however there is little spectator areas provided.

Photographers: A spectator with a camera is not a photographer, actual professional or amateur photographers who can show PLI & attend a safety briefing can get a special wristband and have access almost all areas. Please note that we will be required to restrict photography/media passes at this event.

Respect the officials and helpers & Follow instructions given: Anyone found to be swearing or giving abuse to any of our Event Staff whether that be Marshals, Timers, Helpers, Medics etc will be asked to leave the event. If you have a problem whether you’re racing or perhaps on behalf of your son or daughter then come and talk to any of the core team. (Organiser Kev  or Chief Marshal Karen) or any stage manager or marshal.
Those that know us always find we are reasonable and willing to listen and will help or advise the best we can.

Careful driving to event: Please be advised that when driving to the venue to be cautious while driving. There are narrow roads and you may be required to stop and reverse if 2 vehicles meet going opposite directions. Parking will be on grass

Toilets & Showers  : Portable facilities are available.

Litter: Please take your litter home with you. Please if you can check around your car before leaving. Litter includes goggle tear offs, inner tubes and gel wrappers – all these cannot be disposed of onto the floor, even during a race stage.

Race Timing: You will be issued with a timing chip on Sunday morning. You will be 100% responsible for ensuring that your transponder stays with you failure to do so will result in your time not being recorded. You will be able to set off 5-30 seconds behind the rider in front or as instructed by the marshal.

Armour: There are no specific armour rules for this event. Only that a helmet is compulsory. Full face helmet is advised. Knee pads & gloves are strongly advised. We can’t advise strongly enough that knee pads, gloves & long sleeves should really be worn. We expect some riders to use full faces helmets on the stages but remind you that unless you are walking with your bike a helmet is 100% compulsory to be worn at all times, correctly fastened

Health & Safety: Anyone wearing headphones whilst riding on course (with a bike) will be disqualified – No second chances. You have been warned! Helmets worn correctly at all times whilst between the tape. No pushing back up the track during practice or racing, no walking the course during race runs. Absolutely no travelling in the wrong direction on the stages at any time. The arrows will lead you to the next stage, or if you wish to session a stage you may need to consult the trail map for a suitable route.

BAR END PLUGS MUST BE FITTED – You will not be allowed to enter the course without them

Self Sufficiency : No outside assistance is allowed and no racers riding as domestiques. However helping a fellow competitor is actively encouraged, just not one team member carrying a huge backpack of spares while others race without.

You will see a number of the rules and regulations require you do to certain things at certain times – Failure to adhere to these rules could result in you having to ride back to the car park, go back down the field or be disqualified – I’ve tried to make it simple and straight forward for everyone.


SMK/PMBA Enduro reserves the right to modify or cancel the event if circumstances beyond the control of the organiser should arise. This includes cancellation of event due to extreme weather, acts of God, violence, civil disobedience and war.
If the event is cancelled we will not be liable for costs of travel fares, hotels, or any other expenses that may be incurred.
It is your responsibility to ensure the race is going ahead before travelling. We will do our best to inform you if the race has to be cancelled but we do not accept liability if we are unable to contact you. We strongly advise that you check before making travel and accommodation arrangements.
If the event is cancelled we would endeavour to reschedule if possible. Please be aware that we may be unable to refund or part refund any entry fee. We also may be unable to transfer your entry to another event.

See you all at the event; Kev as well as other members of the team will be around on Saturday and Sunday so feel free to ask any questions.

Kev Duckworth – Series Promoter