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NewsPosted on 5th January 2018

I’m Jerry, and I’ll often see you before you see me…..you’ll often hear me too!

I’m an ex-enduro rider, but basically due to my ripe old age and a series of serious shoulder injuries, my employers recommended I calmed down a bit. I never wanted to hang my boots up so I became involved in the PMBA as a volunteer marshal and then stage manager. I’d always carry my camera with me as I’ve always been into photographing whatever I could from a very early age. Kev had spotted some of my photos and race reports I’d been fortunate enough to do for the race organisers Northern Downhill, and the rest is history really.


My aim is to get into the thick of the action and get all the atmosphere and action from the races you all love. As you’ll know, some of the races cover large areas, so my good friend and I formed DialledinUK. That’s me, Adam Sherratt and Carol Solomon. Without these guys we wouldn’t be able to get such a diverse, varied and complete coverage of the races. The 3 of us all have a different vision in photography and we believe this is what brings you such a varied collection of images. Most of our photos go to roots and rain, where we offer individual photos or superb value sets from each individual race. Click here for a look about, there’s currently a sale on for the 2016 race series.


Anyway, stop reading this, grab your bike and go ride!

Tom Wilson

Tom is an ambassador for PMBA and overall series winner in his category in 2016

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