Graythwaite (& Llangollen) postponed to 2021, but we’re not giving up on 2020 just yet

NewsPosted on 25th May 2020

Well as it happens in the ebb and flow of future forecasts I’m now more confident we can do *something* in 2020.  What, where and when however remains unknown.

I’m therefore postponing Graythwaite 2020 till 2021, on a TBC date of 29/30th May 2021  (although it may end up on 1/2nd May). Please be aware the reason we don’t announce dates till October as there is always discussion and movement within BEMBA and to accommodate International calendar commitments. With so much uncertainty this is my “best guess”, so please be aware that I already know there are EWS and Tweedlove dates that may mean this adjusts.

I’m going to leave Llangollen as its 2020 date till 6 weeks before, just on the absolute off chance that something changes, however come late June/early July the event will be officially postponed till 7/8th or 14/15th August 2021 whichever is the  week after Ardrock (TBC).  As mentioned, this is why event dates are not normally confirmed this early in the year. If this event runs but you don’t feel its for you then you can swap to a 2021 voucher upto 14 days before the event so i can give you maximum flexibility when asking you to also give me that same flexibility.

If you cant make 2021 please just hold on, I’ll be super flexible with moving between events, or swapping to vouchers.

If events happen in 2020
If we can do something, somewhere in 2020 anyone with an outstanding entry or voucher will of course get “dibs” before opening up the entries.  Swaps, or voucher cashing in for an entry will be the top priority.

Having no specific event plans for 2020 is the best way to get an event. We have English, Scottish and Welsh venues ready to go should an option present itself. We can adjust formats and entry numbers to allow for the rules in place at that time;  and give everyone an opportunity to not take up a 2020 race entry or not if they feel they want to still be more isolated and avoid mass gatherings this year.

One of the feedback points I received was on the basis that we should be encouraging safe riding, not hard training in this time, and racers don’t need to be thinking they need to be peaking ready for a return to racing.  So if we can sort something in September/October the emphasis will be on fun, and I don’t think its appropriate to try and shoe-in a EWS Qually or BNES round at the end of the year.  Much more likely to be a mash up event with less pressure.

I just want a refund
Yes you are entitled to a refund under our normal cancellation terms, but I’d hope you would leave your money with PMBA Enduro.  While the long term finances will cope, short term there are cash flow issues. I’ve paid out over 40k this year, still not had insurance from cancelling rounds 1 & 3 and refunds cost me almost an extra 10%   Hence, while having a pile of kit ready to run a season of racing I only have half of the £92,000 refund liability in ready cash.  When Round 1/3 went then 67% of people asked for a refund, I need this figure to be less. I also don’t want to be in a situation where I don’t have ready cash to react to a chance to put on an event as its gone in refunds, and insurance money is not yet available.  So please, just hold onto this 2021 ticket for now.
This is still relevant from when we cancelled R1/3


2021 Plans –   (updated 24/7/20)

17/18th April – R1 Gisburn – TBC
29/30th May – Graythwaite 
19/20th June – Lee Quarry – TBC
4/15th August -Llangollen  *BNES Round*  
4/5th September – Kirroughtree – TBC
2/3 October – Grizedale – TBC
16/17th October – Hopetech Women – TBC


Many thanks