Final Instructions for Graythwaite 2020

NewsPosted on 31st August 2020

Hi all,

I apologise for information overload, but the nature of doing new things means there are lots of new things to explain. Please take the time to digest the information, and please be aware we will adapt and change if we find issues. Please also give us feedback, one of the reasons for pushing hard for this event is so I can learn for 2021, as I expect we will still have to do many of these things next year also. So before pointing out anything we missed on social media and making future events harder please come and chat to me (Kev) or any of my stage managers or arena staff and give feedback and a chance for us to change and adapt. We have tried to think of everything and have followed government/BC advice and I even did a English Athletics seminar on their way back to racing to gain more views on things to consider. However it is all new and therefore improvements will be possible.

Please be aware that stage finishes are close to roads, visible to the public, and often in the past a grouping area. We don’t need undue attention of the event so please try and move on quickly from a stage finish, or don your face covering if hanging around for more than a few mins. Please try and head off and find somewhere on the transition to the next stage for a rest or snack stop. If the finish is experiencing grouping we will need to pause the stage until the area is suitable for more racers to come down, which does not aid smooth running of the event.

Pre-event symptom check – this is direct from the government, strictly enforced.

All participants, officials, volunteers and spectators must undergo a self-assessment for any COVID-19 symptoms. No-one should leave home to participate in sport or officiate if they, or someone they live with, has any of the following:

  • A high temperature
  • A new, continuous cough
  • A loss of, or change to, their sense of smell or taste

Should an individual have demonstrated any such symptoms, they must follow NHS and PHE guidance on self-isolation.

Bullet points

1) Road closure – A590

2) Camp 6M apart and spread out use whole parkland, but do not camp/park under trees – risk of falling branches in wind.

3) Don’t forget to carry a face covering and sanitiser at all times (bring with you there is no supply on-site).

4) Verbal sign on + select start wave #1 to #13 – coordinate with people you want to ride with which group to select.  As always we ask that podium hunters take the final group, slowest riders take group 1.

5) 2M Social distancing rule in operation at all times.

6) Come with a clean bike – larch disease control.

7) Do not look at the distance and think its an easy lap, its 4-5 hours

8) If you cant make it please post in the Facebook event and sell on your entry to ones of those are after a place in this full event.  Now we are in the last week there will be no transfers to other events or refunds – I have tried up till now to swap entries and issue refunds despite the T&C’s of 31 days.  The main reason for stopping now is just how busy I’ll be from now on, but the event is full and people do want it so please sell it on.

9) Remember there is no results screen, prize presentation etc. – results will be online at

10) The full “normal” rider briefing is here :


Detailed info

1) Road closure.

My last email contained an attachment that wasn’t very clear, several of you found on line PDF’s (linked below).  But please be aware the A590 from J36 of the M6 is closed – so from the south come off at J35 Carnforth and up the A6 through Milnthorpe.  From the North come off at Keswick A66 and down past Thirlmere to Ambleside and through Hawkshead.  From the A65 turn right at the roundabout before the M6 and via Kendal/Winderemere.


 2) Parkland area layout

If you have been here before you are aware we normally just use the central bit (in pink) and that includes a big arena and the final stage finish/KS drop run out. This year to maintain maximum distances we are asking you to spread out and use the whole parkland. Please avoid the tree lined edges, where branches may fall and also hold the water more.  The whole area is the red line, and yellow marks are where its too steep to use for parking/camping.  We have stretches of plastic roadway at key positions off the central roadway onto the parkland to stop these bits getting muddy. Please use them, please maintain 6M between campsites and spread out.

If you haven’t been before note the size of the venue parkland compared to Windermere on the right.


Graythwaite and Winderemere

Graythwaite and Winderemere

Below is a more detailed illustration.  Anyone can park/camp in any area within the parkland, the northern section marked “larger vans and motorhomes” is just further from facilities but these have there own. Its also higher ground so a firmer for larger vehicles.

The usual main area I’ve marked for smaller vans just as its lower ground and I fear it getting soft if we have rain. However its near the toilets and water, facilities smaller vehicles tend to need to use. The other areas are also open to use, some specific high-risk trees have taped boundaries,  but please do not park under any tree/branches for your own saftey. the very edges of the parkland are soft near the trees also.


Graythwaite Parkland

Graythwaite Parkland


 3 ) Face coverings & Sanitizer

These are compulsory items for you to bring with you. There are none for sale on site.  We will have sanitizer stations on site, located at key points of the arena facilities including loos, taps, timing & sign on however out on the enduro course  there are none.  However there are no touch points, gates or places where we expect you to need sanitizer, but please carry it in case you feel you should sanitize.  You will need to wear a face covering to collect your timing chip and your lap starts straight after that. You should not need it again till handing your chip back, however if there is a delay on a stage start where you will need to queue for 15min or longer we will ask that you don your face covering. You may choose to don it at other times too, please take personal responsibility for using it where appropriate.


4) Verbal sign on & wave select

Sign on will be split into 3 separate tents at least 10M apart.  I haven’t worked the exact splits yet (they will be signed)  But for example surnames A-E, F-L & M-Z.  When you Q feel free to keep your bike – its a handy 2M distancer. Face covering required in the queue.

You will see our sign on staff and give them your name, they will look up your number and ask you for a start wave.  select start wave #1 to #13 – coordinate with people you want to ride with which group to select.  As always we ask that podium hunters take the final group, slowest riders take group 1. Your wave will have a 15min window to collect your timing chip, the start time of that 15min window will be written on the back of your number board.  Do not come early (or late) but please come in that 15 min window so we can minimise Q’s and grouping.


5) 2M Social distancing rule in operation at all times.

I’m not sure this needs more explanation, you have all be doing this for the last 5 months. Bear in mind a bike is a good 2M distancer for Q’s.  Please take extra attention to where the event is visible to the public, stage finishes, road transitions and the cafe stop – and as well as SD-ing please avoid grouping.


6) Come with a clean bike

This is for larch disease control. The estate are nervous about this, as Grizedale is “dripping” in Larch disease but only a couple of trees in the private estate here at Graythwaite are effected.  As well as coming with a clean bike before S4 there will also be a wheel wash / roll through / disinfectant.  Please push your bike slowly through the disinfectant and not splashing it around – Its expensive stuff, almost £500 to fill the wheel wash so just a slow roll through please. Follow marshal instructions.


7) Do not look at the distance and think its an easy lap, its 4-5 hours

It is the Epic, your pushing up the big push up for S1/2/7  and have a little push to S3. Your likely to have a cafe stop, it will take 4-5 hours for the 22km, and almost 1000M elevation.  Take enough fluid and food with you, we are unable to provide a water/flapjack station in this covid era