Leah Tulloch

About Leah Tulloch

“Lethal” Leah may have only done 4 races when we sponsored here so far but we just had to be a bigger part of her progression story.

2017 Hopetech women’s enduro was her first race, on a demo Juliana rather than her Trax Halfords special. Our very own JWDT Photography posted a picture of her sending the tabletops on the Hopeline; along with the story. She looked so at home on a bike sending jumps that the MTB community got together and donated spare parts and built her a bike; and she’s was sending that 10 year old SantaCruz for all of 2018.

We were right to help her, she has really shone. Did every round of the 2019 series, never lower than 2nd in under 16’s and won the U16 series. She had a fastest women down a stage at Havok showing she is fast full stop, not just in the U16 womens.

2020 plans are in place for her, do the PMBA Enduro series of course, but also some BNES, maybe a SDA and also tackling the Trans Madeira in June! Go girl!

Watch this girl, she’ll be world champ one day!

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Leah racing the PMBA Enduros

Leah 2017
Leah Flying KS Drop Graythwaite