20th March – CV19 Update on affected events

NewsPosted on 20th March 2020

PMBA Enduro, CV19 update 20th March

This update is to all racers, past, present and hopefully future too!


Thank you for the support, it’s been an extremely challenging week but we have got through it and have good plans for the year and whatever that may hold.  I am aware that some email replies I’ve sent out recently may have been a bit short and blunt, sorry for this but please appreciate, there’s been a lot to deal with and there is just me. My concentration has initially been on things that deal with mass refunds and events at the neglect of some personal replies to individuals emails, so sorry if any of you have felt my usual personal level of service dropped below standard this week.


Event cancellation/postponement information for entrants:
Racers from round 1 and 3 that are cancelled, and round 2 that has been postponed will have emails soon with their refund options.


Cancelled rounds include options for 100% refunds but also include options to turn your race entry into a customised race shirt and a small donation to the lovely folk at North West Air Ambulance.  When we did this in 2018 there was a great response. All donations to NWAA are made under our “Rooting for Callum” fundraising campaign.


The rescheduled R2 – Graythwaite includes options for refund with admin fee or again an option for a race shirt and partial refund or donation to NWAA
2020 Custom Race shirt

2020 Custom Race shirt


North West Air Ambulance

Moving forward to the rest of 2020

The season is now scheduled to start 11/12th July with Graythwaite, and then onto Llangollen in August. These are our biggest 2 events of the year and these are also the 2 we will do our upmost to run on whatever dates are available. If we have to reschedule these again, they will almost certainly be for the dates we have in the calendar for other rounds at the expense of those rounds. This might seem an odd thing to announce now, but I work on being as transparent as possible so you can all plan ahead. These are the 2 biggest events we were planning to run anyway, and while it was heartbreaking to cancel the grassroots events and especially the free kids event that was aimed at pre-teens and trying to develop a love for biking and racing in the next generation, maybe this year isn’t the best for starting out and the time instead to feed the hunger of the hardened and experienced racers who will be lost without their events happening. We sincerely hope we can run all events left on the calendar and while the government’s declaration of “we can have this sorted in 12 weeks” would mean racing continuing in mid June, so much has changed in the last 12 days that nobody really knows where we will be in 12 weeks let alone an ex-chemist turned race organsier like myself.

I would hope that how we are dealing with the disruption to rounds 1-3 will give you the confidence to plan to race the rounds left on the calendar, knowing that if they are not possible we will endeavour to give the same service if there are more disruptions later in the year.

Many thanks,

Kev & the PMBA Enduro team