2019 Series Information

NewsPosted on 24th October 2018

2020 information now available



The series returns in 2019 with a new venue adding to the variety of our already varied series!

Entries on sale Saturday 17th November at 9am for the Hope PMBA Enduro Series
Entries on sale Sunday 21st April at 9am for the Hopetech Women Enduro


Round 1

Gisburn Forest – as is tradition the series opens at Gisburn forest, although this year starting in April rather than March for hopefully better weather. A great enduro to ease you into the series, or for novice racers to start at. Expect a mix of trail centre with a taste of off piste stages. 1 day event. £46

2017 Vid – https://vimeo.com/209285183

Round 2

Graythwaite – couldn’t be more different than Gisburn. All off-piste stages, 2 day event this one is “The Epic”. Expected to be a round of the BNES (BEMBA National Enduro Series) and a EWS Qualifier (although both TBC) this one is a technical and tough event. However we have learned from last year, you told it it was too hard so we have a big set of plans to make both the transitions and stages a little easier for you. Camping included within the picturesque grounds of Graythwaite Estate this is a great weekend away. This round has some of the very best views of the whole series, in fact some of the best views available in the lake district. We’ll have new fresh stages to add to the awesome trails we have built over the past 2 years. This is a proper lakeland venue, even the transitions are tough (but not timed) expect push-ups to the start of stages. Also expect  a spectacular finish arena, with camping, catering, showers, water & marquee with bar thanks to Kirkby Lonsdale Brewery. Priced at £75 it may be our most expensive event but the trails, views and facilities are worth splashing out on.

This is NOT a grass roots round, its tough and not suitable for a first enduro. Steep trails, a 4-5 hour loop and many stages (not as many as last years) An Epic event by name, and nature it wont disappoint the hardcore riders, but will be fun and manageable by experienced enduroists and those who like a challenge alike.

2018 Vid – https://vimeo.com/268553692

Round 3

Lee Quarry & Havok Bike Park – the two 2-day events are back-2-back in 2019 as we return to Lee Quarry for our “Adventure” round. A big loop of just over 20 miles pushes this event to the 2 day format of practice Saturday and Race Sunday. The big moorland transfer takes us over to the ever-popular stages we have at Havok Bike Park. Popular with DHers crossing over to Enduro with the stages at Havok and overall one of our most airborne enduro’s for those that want air, while still being popular with XC crossover racers due to the natural singletrack loop and fully rollable timed sections. This really does have it all. £65 including camping/parking

2018 Vid – https://vimeo.com/294027628


[Summer Break]


Round 4

Llangollen, or more correctly One Giant Leap Lllangollen hosts round 4 of the series. A new venue for us, and a new venue for Enduro. This is one the leading DH venues in the country, and we’ll be turning it into a Enduro venue for the weekend. We’ll have some new built sections enabling is to run multiple lines at the same time. We have always said that we’ll change formats to suit a venue for this round we’ll be running a 3 stage “Mash-Up” format, similar to how we ran Gnar Bike park.  Do the stages in any order! Its a great camping field, especially for mid August it should be stunning weather to match the stunning scenery. £49.50 including parking/camping

Video : Danny Hart in 2018 – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ChKHIPJ8Ae0

Round 5

Kirroughtree, this is our “family round” with great camping facilities, permanent showers and toilets and a course that’s just pure fun. What the venues lacks in elevation it makes up for in deep luscious loam. Each year we return to find that the team from the Breakpad bike shop have built us new stages with virgin loam. We still reuse some classics, mixing trail and off piste sections for a selection that can be enjoyed by all, the stoke meter is always on high here.
A grass roots round that the fastest also enjoy, it has everything an enduro should have and has become an unmissable round of the PMBA Enduro series with many calling it their favourite.
Often racers will bring the whole family, as the idyllic camping area and permanent brick shower/toilet block gives a holiday vibe; enhanced by the smells from many BBQ’s in the evening. Late in the year, September is not overly problematic with the midges either – but still come prepared! £46

2018 Video – https://vimeo.com/289257250

Round 6 – the final

Grizedale has been a stalwart of the series since we started in 2014, its a great venue, with big stages and big elevation; technical stages are the norm here; expected to be the toughest of the one day events, priced to include car parking for race day.  Off piste trails with rocks and mud make this a good test of bikes and riders alike. 1 day event : £52.50 including parking. (No camping available)

2018 Video – https://vimeo.com/265266533

Age Categories

There is currently a move within BEMBA to standardise age categories around the EWS system. This means we’ll have some changes for 2019. We had 13 categories this year, dropping Elite for 2019 we’ll still have 12, just slightly different age ranges.

In the men’s EWS have U21/Senior/M40  with M40 being equivalent to “Veteran”
We are expecting to run the following Male categories (we are scrapping “Elite” )
U15/U18/U21/Senior/Master 30+/Veteran 40+/Grand Vet 50+

In the women’s the EWS run 35+ so we’ll swap our current 40+ vet category for this Master35
We are expecting to run the following female categories
U16/U21/Senior and Master35+
All ages, as per EWS, are “age on 31st December 2019”

These are not currently 100% confirmed, and we will adapt/change to match any nationally agreed systems.
With an additional Hardtail category, 7 mens and 4 womens we’ll have 12 podiums/event

For reference the six 2019 EWS categories will be :

MEN | Open

MEN | Under 21 (1999-2002)

MEN | Master 40+ (1979+)

WOMEN | Open

WOMEN | Under 21 (1999-2002)

WOMEN | Master 35+ (1984+)