PMBA Hope Academy R1 – Gisburn

  • 22/04/2023
  • 8:00 am - 5:00 pm


Saturday 22nd April will see a fully trail centre 3 stage enduro for kids (age 8+); we have teamed up with Hope Academy to provide these entry level events at a reasonable price. Normally Hope Academy is upto 12 years old, but we are allowing novice boys upto 14 to race this event, along with 8+ girls. The “fast” and older non-novice kids, should look at the main 5/6 stage Enduro on the Sunday – open to ages 11+.  They will share the course with the Hope women on the day.

The younger academy kids, also get their shot at glory, with ages 2-10 on a 1 stage mashup that’s FREE to enter (27 berms trail not too far from HQ). Entries will only open for this event around 1 month before, with priority to those racing the paid events over the same weekend. Entry limit is 100.

We trialled this type of event in 2019 at Kirroughtree and it was an amazing success, and although the ‘rona spoiled the 2020 plans for this at Gisburn we did finally get to run it at Gisburn in 2022. It was such a success we had to limit the entries to 100! It will again be great to kick off the season with a day of genuinely grass roots enduro; if you want to gauge its success the overall winner of that kids race was one 9 year old “Katy Kaos” now one of the PMBA Ambassadors, several “big” enduro’s under her belt including 3 EWS Qualifiers, and became the juvenile downhill national champion at Glencoe in 2022 while still only 13 years old.

Sunday 23rd April will see the start of the main enduro series with 2/3 additional stages from Saturday’s loop, cramming so much into 1 weekend will mean a very busy forest.

Please be aware that overnight stays will be possible but on the event field only – no overnighting in the main car park as we need all that room for Sunday’s racers. The same rule will apply for Sunday racers arriving Saturday, as well as Saturday racers staying for Sunday. Please be aware this is field parking and in very wet weather may not be available or available only via being towed on/off. 

Sign On will be inside the building behind the Cafe in the main Hub area.
Parking / camping now included in the ticket price for all 2023 events

Gisburn Womens & Kids 2022 - Hope PMBA Enduro Series

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