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“Lethal” Leah may have only done 4 races so far but we just had to be a bigger part of her progression story.

2017 Hopetech women’s enduro was her first race, on a demo Juliana rather than her Trax Halfords special. Our very own JWDT Photography posted a picture of her sending the tabletops on the Hopeline; along with the story. She looked so at home on a bike sending jumps that the MTB community got together and donated spare parts and built her a bike; and she’s been sending that 10 year old SantaCruz ever since.

We had hoped she would do the whole 2018 Hope PMBA Enduro Series, but with a cancelled Gisburn, due to weather, we didn’t feel she was ready for Grizedale or Graythwaite without that under her belt; after all she’d really only been riding off road for 6 months at that time.

She did go and race Steel City, spent the summer on pump tracks and 4x tracks honing her skills and sending whatever jumps she could find. Even forcing her dad to up his game and send jumps he hadn’t sent before (and back in the 90s he was on the junior podium at the national DH Champs). Her skills, Instagram and personality meant she was picking up sponsors and support all year even without racing.

By the time the series final came round she was ready for some PMBA Enduro, the biggest ride she had done but a strong 3rd place U16 women and a huge smile on the podium. The week after at the Hopetech women’s event we would see just how much she had progressed; 152nd in 2017 became 32nd in 2018 – 2 minutes faster on the same course. A packed strong field of more than a dozen U16’s meant a narrow miss of a podium, 4th place for a 13 year old though isn’t too bad.

Having borrowed a Juliana in both editions of the Hopetech Womens Enduro, I found myself round the firepit toasting marshmallows with the Juliana’s head honcho and we started forming a plan to loan her a modern bike for 2019; Hope overheard and offered support too. Since then, calls to the sponsors she had picked up during the year, and some of the series sponsors and we were able to make that plan a reality.

Watch this girl, she’ll be world champ one day!

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Leah racing the PMBA Enduros

Leah 2017
Lethal Leah
Lethal Leah
Lethal Leah
Lethal Leah
Lethal Leah